Corruption in World Football

It now seems that most of the governing body of world football is on the take one way or another.

Football basically has got the global administration it deserves, all with their snouts in the trough. The amateurism which spawned the game, and pretty much stayed with it until the 1970’s, was not a progressive business model and failed to promote the game onto a global stage. What we have now does that, but at the cost of integrity. Which would you prefer?

Of course the problem as usual stems from the ridiculous amount of money circulating in the game and everyone wants their slice of it. For that we can “thank” Sky and their equivalents throughout the world. Toss in a few mega rich individuals playing with their new Premier league toys and we have a perfect recipe for finanical instability. Chronic hyper inflation in top end transfers, real fans being priced out of the game and the whole thing ultimately being controlled by TV revenue streams and spin offs.

I remember in the 70’s having no idea what happened in football beyond these shores. Now we can tell in an instant who is 3rd in the Azerbijani premier league at any given time. But by globalising we have created a monster that is out of control – think the latter days of the Roman Empire: infighting, corruption, greed and eventually collapse. What has been done to the people’s “beautiful game” ? When will it implode ? To be honest, its none too soon for me.


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